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Automatic Gas Sampling System|Save Your Labor to 1/10 AGSS : Automatic Gas Sampling System Developed in Joint Study with National Lnstitute for Agro-Environmental Sciences(Japan)

AGSS (Automated Gas Sampling System) is a sampling device to collect greenhouse gas for monitoring trace gas fluxes from soils. It was developed by collaborative research with National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences (NIAES) in Japan and registered a patent in 2011 (patent number 4831583). It has been used at several authorized research institutes leading research on mitigation options of greenhouse gas emissions.

This sampling system follows the closed chamber method, commonly used to measure gas fluxes from soils.

The system consists of three parts: chambers, a sampling unit and a sampling control unit. The sampling unit can be connected up to three chambers (in standard model) and inject gas samples into each 15ml pre-evacuated vial in programmed time. The sampling schedule is controllable by a netbook PC or a programmable controller as the sampling control unit.

Advantages of using AGSS

* Great reduction of laboring cost and time

The measurement of gas fluxes requires enormous time to collect gas samples regularly under all weather conditions. Manual samplings demand heavy field operations to organize high frequency measurements with a long term. AGSS can meet these issues and even make it possible to conduct intensive experiment.

* Improvement of data accuracy
Manual sampling demands a certain period of time to acquire sufficient observations with both temporal and spacial resolutions. AGSS eliminates operational disturbances and errors caused by not well-trained operations.

* Easy to operate and maintain
All you have to do is just to make a sampling schedule and set vacuumed vials into the vial holder. You can spend more time to analyze those data.

Two chamber systems are available:
--- MO chamber (200 mm dia.): a small PVC chamber can be used to measure gas fluxes of CO
2, CH4 and N2O at farmlands or tea plantations.
--- LM chamber (600 x 600 x 1000 mm): a large acrylic resin chamber is designed to enclose plants for measuring CH
4 fluxes from soil.